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Why Let Mother Nature Determine Your Success?

Whether you’re a small hobby farm or a vertically integrated agribusiness, you’ve literally grown your business from the ground up to where it is today. Without crop insurance, your efforts and your livelihood could be ruined by flood, drought, or hail.

Our local team of agriculture insurance specialists has the knowledge and experience to help agricultural enterprises of all sizes get the coverage they need to protect against disaster. In fact, most of our agents were raised on family farms and have worked serving agribusinesses most of their careers. And because crop insurance is a specialized field, we have joined forces with Manley Crop Insurance, increasing our knowledge and expertise in the various types of crop insurance coverage.

Like Basin Pacific, Manley Crop Insurance is a family-owned business highly respected for their knowledge and personal service. The Manley’s have been working with farmers in the region since 1996, earning a reputation as a company that listens to the needs of the farmer, providing Federal crop insurance and private hail and fire coverage that best fits their needs. 

The Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business published an article on our merger with Manley Crop Insurance

Don't 'Bet the Farm' with Bad Insurance What happens when you have inadequate crop insurance?

  • A storm wipes out your entire crop

    Can you deal without an entire season of income?

  • Unseasonable heat or cold impacts your yields

    Is your investment protected?

  • Commodity prices drop

    Can your business survive on a fraction of the income?

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Our crop insurance options help protect your investment & your business

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Crop Hail Insurance

If you live in an area where hail often accompanies storms, your crops and your potential yield for the year may be at risk. Crop hail insurance helps insure you from damage to your crops caused by hail.

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Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Multi-peril crop insurance protects your farm or agriculture business against bad weather, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events that can cause serious damage to your plants. 

Combine harvesting a crop of wheat

Revenue Protection

It's every farmer's nightmare: Market fluctuations cause a massive drop in commodity prices, and you're looking at earning a fraction of what you expected. Revenue protection ensures this bad luck won't leave you in the lurch.

You Can’t Predict the Unpredictable. But You Can Plan For it. It’s easy to secure comprehensive, affordable insurance for your business.

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5 star rating for Basin Pacific Insurance and Benefits

"...Having worked with professionals at Basin Pacific for over twelve years I have never been let down or disappointed by their risk assessments, recommendations or professional service. Instead I've experienced peace of mind knowing that they continue to provide practical and prudent solutions to ever changing business risks."

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